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Panizzi Vernaccia di San Gimignano docg

Pasta with green beans

Cut the ends of the green beans, wash them and boil them in plenty of lightly salted water. When they are cooked, drain them with a slotted spoon and set them aside. Keep the cooking water: bring it to boil and cook the pasta al dente.


Meanwhile, wash and dry the basil and parsley well and blend them in the mixer together with the green beans, parmesan and 2-3 tablespoons of oil. If the mixture is too thick, add a little pasta cooking water.

Finally drain the pasta and season with the green bean sauce. Serve hot.

Ingredients (4 people): 320 g of short pasta, 500 g of green beans, 4 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese, a handful of basil leaves, a handful of parsley leaves, extra virgin olive oil, salt.