Urban Wine

Discover Panizzi through the lenses of Leonardo Romanelli


Ognun segua Bacco te, Bacco, Bacco euoè! With this cry of joy from the Bacchae in honor of Dionysus, we greet with Leonardo Romanelli the tasting of Evoè 2016

Evoè wineracking 2020

Five months and a half of fermentation on the skins, because we were seeking to make a complete extraction of everything this grape, Vernaccia, has to give.

Panizzi Olive Harvest 2020

Starting with this year the production of both our wines and our extra virgin olive oil is organically certified.

Harvest 2020 with Walter Sovran

The September sun was a gift to us and made possible this result. The premises for optimal wines are excellent.

Video tasting Panizzi Pinot nero 2018

Pinot noir is a challenge from the Panizzi house that stems from the intuition of Simone Niccolai: in 2006 we created the vineyard from which, three years later, the first wine was born.

Video tasting Panizzi Evoè 2016

Walter Sovran presents Evoè: made with Vernaccia grapes, this wine comes to life from our desire for experimentation and research.

Online tasting: Vernaccia Vigna Santa Margherita 2018

New video appointment with Panizzi wines, presented by our winemaker Walter Sovran. This time it's the turn of Vigna Santa Margherita 2018: the vernaccia that comes from the vineyard most dear to Panizzi, because here it’s where it all started.

Degustazione Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2019

Here we are with our first video tastings of Panizzi wines presented by our winemaker Walter Sovran. We start the series with San Gimignano 2019: a vintage which is already promising spectacular quality, with excellent aging potential.