Evoè! With this ancient ovation we tasted with Sabrina Somigli from Intravino two vintages of Panizzi's most experimental and innovative wine, Evoè bianco di Toscana IGT.

Speaking of Evoè 2016, Sabrina wrote: “give me a bucket!”… But a few bottles may be enough and, if you wish to ideally join our tasting, you can buy Evoè 2016 on our online shop.

EVOÈ 2007: wow effect on the colour because the shades are red gold, impressive! Rich on the nose, it ranges from tea to peach to the most balsamic aromatic herbs, it has a slight spiciness recalling nutmeg and cardamom and hints of barley candy. The mouth is lively and stimulating, fresh with a slight pinch of ginger spiciness. It bites the tip of the tongue and it shows its tannins on the palate, prolonging its tactile persistence. Pleasant finish with a return of balsamic herbs and resins. Good first!

EVOÈ 2016: give me a bucket! Both ancient and contemporary, it seems to be the essence of Vernaccia. It is spicy, it reminds me of gingerbread, hints of orange peel and aromatic tones of sage and rosemary, almond and oyster shells, very evocative of the sea. Full acidity, non-intrusive tannins and an unexpectedly round finish with hints of honey and almond. Vernaccia #nofilter